People are particular about all kinds of things. Me, for example…I’ve somehow managed to never watch the movie “Titanic” or set foot inside of a Wal-Mart. I don’t have an axe to grind; that’s just my style. I like things a little more personal, a little less one-size-fits-all. Because, really, it doesn’t.
So a little while back when I got into climbing (with lots of help from the cool folks at The Source in Vancouver, WA), I started out using the gear that was available to me. The first and only chalk bag I bought was a small, plain, black one.  Boring.  I was studying it one day to figure out how to sew a couple of stripes onto it, you know, to give it some of my bike team’s colors and make it cooler and more personalized.
I decided that there was no way I could pull off a nice looking job sewing that ribbon, and I moved on to wondering if I could just make a whole new bag.  One trip to a fabric store and 8 hours of cutting and sewing later, I had a chalk bag.
Much to my surprise, it functioned as well as any around.  That is to say it worked.
People saw it and asked where I’d gotten it.  So I made some more, revising and evolving the design a little bit each time.  It worked a little better.  You see where this is going. More people wanted the bags and I really liked making them, so Vangroover Bag Company was born.
We make working class bags in a cool little working class neighborhood in the United States of America. And we make them for working class hands.
So, from our humble beginnings in a basement full of cyclocross bikes and mountaineering gear, Vangroover Bag Company has grown to become…well…still humble. Because we like it that way.
Tell us how you like it, and we’ll build it for you.